Bishopstone Family Retreat Karen Mander and Simon Prideaux


Welcome to our private home/family retreat at Bishopstone, Aylesbury Vale, HP178SH


A quiet, peaceful, supportive environment, we are nestled in a conservation area of outstanding beauty near the foot of the Chilterns. Bishopstone is located just 45/50 minutes away from Oxford and London, with excellent rail links and road network (A41, A413, A418, M40, M1)


Bishopstone is ideally located to support couples across North Bucks and South Oxforshire, NHS Maternity hospitals Stoke Mandeville/Watford/John Radcliffe and is a destination centre for couples travelling from South Bucks and London

Stoke Mandeville, just 10 minutes away, is now a key location maternity centre. We are happy to co-ordinate  appointments with your hospital visits. We support Carmenta Life, Berkhampstead with our flexible venue options


Why not let the train take the strain? We can pick up/drop off to/from local train stations linking London and Oxford or we have ample off-road private parking on site


At Bishopstone, Simon and I work together to provide highly focussed, integrated, one to one support for your pre-conception, ante-natal and post –natal needs


Facilites include spaces for treatment and teaching , a custom made yurt for summer use/small groups, the opportunity to enjoy our peaceful grounds/peace garden/kitchen garden produce.


Overnight accomodation is provided with the option of several beautiful hotel/b@b facilities including nearby Hartwell House and Spa (enquire for details)


Karen Mander
BA Hons, Hypnobirthing, Hypnofertilty, Hypnotherapy certified
07778 776999 ;

  • Supports fertility/conception (hypnofertility, mindfulness/meditation, healing)  
  • Ante-natal preparation (hypnobirthing and breathe to a better birth)
  • Deeper healing and fear release sessions for birth trauma, stress and high anxiety   
  • General stress release with mindfulness/meditation (not birth dependent)
  • Healing

Karen is available on demand weekdays or weekends subject to her existing class commitments (see class schedule)

She will put together a schedule in accordance with your availability and specific needs – please enquire

Simon Prideaux:
07501 221701;

Simon is a highly experienced osteopath, cranial osteopath, acupuncturist and medical herbalist of nearly 30 yrs in practice. He is well recognised for his paediatric and maternity  work and combines these skills to offer a truly holistic approach to your pre, ante and post natal needs. He specialises in newborns.

He is currently available for appointments at Bishopstone on Thursdays (pm), Friday and weekends and will provide continuity for your continuing care at his London clinics as appropriate/required. He is also available for home visits to assist mother/baby

If you require in-depth support for mother/baby please enquire about a weekend stay

Fertility/conception including unexplained infertility (acupuncture, medical herbalism and osteopathy)

Ante-natal maternity support (postural and spinal pain, pelvic girdle pain, posterior presentation, breech presentation, morning sickness, acupuncture labour preparation )

Post-natal support for mother and baby (recovery, feeding issues, advice on tongue- tie


Fertility support – please enquire (tailored and package rates available)

One to one sessions for stress release, fear release, birth trauma etc with Karen ( £65 per hour)

Karen ante-natal – please see booking pages


£90 per hour one to one consultations Bishopstone

£155-200 home visits

Herbal prescritpions – costed separately

London clinics – see

Some Local Testimonials

“We did a few private sessions of hypnobirting with Karen as we were unable to attend any of the classes. We went to her lovely home near stoke mandeville. I found the sessions immensly helpful and  the cd, which I listened to and practised with at home. I was able to apply all of the techniques we learnt during the birth of our daughter, so much so that I was 9cm dilated by the time we arrived at hospital. It helped on numerous levels to feel prepared and in control, focussed and relaxed (as you can be!) and  positive. The personal one to one sessions were great as they alowed us to talk through our specific anxieties and work on those before the birth. The hypnobirthing helped me to control my breathing and to trust that my body had everything it needed to deliver my baby. My husband also found it  useful to talk about the labour and to understand how he could help. (A great birth)

Mr and Mrs Mitchell, Berkhamstead (2 hypnobirthing babies) 

“Our second baby was overdue and his birth more dramatic than last time but I managed to avoid induction despite some meconium in the waters, baby turning back to back and being prepped for a c-section. I could not have done it wihtout karen’s breathe to a better birth refresher as it kept me calm and helped me to manage and deal with the contractions.”

 Sue and James,  Aylesbury – 3rd baby


“My previous sons had both been induced before term at 37 weeks as the hosptal felt their small sizes would make birth too stressful for them, but I really felt I wanted to experience a gentle, normal birth for my last child. Karen helped me to keep calm and relaxed throughout with the hypnobirthing techniques and encouraged me to listen to my instincts and trust my body. With karen’s guidance and Simon’s acupuncture assistance I managed to avoid the need for induction, keep any stress under control and birth my baby girl completely naturally at 39 weeks. I was overjoyed. It was such a beautiful, relaxed epxerience which will never leave me”

Nitta Taank – 3rd baby 


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