About Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing® is as much a philosophy as it is a training for birth.

My personal philosophy is that the default position of the body is to give birth calmly, without uncontrollable pain. Birth is as instinctive as breathing, but, if anxiety and fear are present, instincts are turned off and stress is turned on. We have stressful birth instead of a natural birth

HypnoBirthing® combines self-hypnosis with powerful relaxation , breathing and visualisation techniques to help prepare you to surrender to your body’s ability to create a calm and natural birth.

We use self-hypnosis/relaxation to influence the way we think and feel and the choices we make. By replacing thoughts of pain and fear with comfort and joy we can, quite literally, create our own positive birth experience. All it takes is a willingness to believe in yourselves, a desire to have the birth of your choice and a commitment to practice and prepare.

During birth, our body is waiting to release powerful endorphins which will take mum into a state of being akin to having received a powerful anaesthetic. But, if a high degree of fear is present, mum’s body will put her endorphins on hold. She is fighting instead of relaxing and is held in a waiting room until the time is right for her to surrender to her birth.

Severe discomfort does not have to be a part of your birth experience. Hypnobirthing® will teach you how to remain in a state of healing rather than a state of emergency.

My Hypnobirthing Course

With the benefit of over 10 years of teaching practice I have constructed my course to offer maximum flexibility for mums to be who lead busy lives. I do not believe that 4 or 5 consecutive sessions are essential or even possible, providing there is commitment. I prefer to emphasise the practice of hypnobirthing, ensuring everyone has a sound grasp of the techniques. I keep the theory concise and focussed. For me, hypnobirthing should fit in with life and work and be achievable, enjoyable, informative and helpful. I keep my groups small to allow maximum interaction, practice and personal attention

My classes are taught in different venues over a whole weekend. I offer a one day intensive “plus” option, the full 2 days hypnobirthing course and/or my 2.5 hour Breathe to a Better Birth class. I can also teach privately at your home or my country retreat at Bishopstone (50 minutes from London). There are different price points for the different options.

Hypnobirthing one day intensive “plus” :

  • Re-examining the myth of painful childbirth in light of the facts
  • Exploring and reframing inherited beliefs and misconceptions
  • Positive birth coverage to show the reality of birth free of pain and stress
  • How to achieve profound levels of relaxation
  • Understanding the physiology of natural birth and how fear and stress interferes with outcome
  • Understanding how to release the endorphins at birth  – your body’s own natural pain killer
  • All the hypnobirthing techniques designed to control anxiety, release fear and create new belief
  • Visualisation to assist the key stages of birth
  • All the breathing techniques to assist the body at every stage of birth
  • Light touch massage with partner
  • Working with our birth partner to combat stress/panic
  • Deep bonding with baby to visualise and co-create the movement to birth
  • Birth plan preparation
  • Course manual with additional handouts, stages of birth, partner prompts and instruction and additional hypnosis scrips
  • My mp3 audio for home and hospital use
  • Access to network of practitioners
  • Email contact as required

Hypnobirthing 2 day weekend :

All of the above plus

  • Additional practice of the techniques
  • Detailed Case studies birth coverage illustrating the techniques, dealing with challenges, questions and answers
  • Exploring labour and how to deal with potential challenges including induction, breech, posterior presentation
  • Concentrated fear release hypnotherapy session
  • Further massage practice
  • Questions, answers, revision of techniques
  • Ongoing email and Skype support if required
  • Holistic support  – network practitioners

“I felt throughout my pregnancy that a lot of people were negative about natural birth and this made me doubt my instincts. Your class gave me the confidence to believe that birth can be a beautiful experience and I credit this for how relaxed I felt when I went into labour. I breathed through my contractions and worked with the body rather than fight it. Although not without discomfort the contractions were manageable and only 4 hours after my labour began I felt the need to push. I didn’t get to the hospital and our baby boy, Hugo, was born on the bathroom floor, delivered by paramedics one hour later! It was an amazing experience and without pain relief. Thank you for your help. It was invaluable.”

Lisa Prothon and Hugo

Breathe to a Better Birth tm (2.5 hour class) :

This class fuses the key practical techniques of hypnobirthing with meditation and breathing to build a positive awareness that giving birth is life affirming, powerful and assisted. Covers:

  • How to work with your body not fight it
  • How to achieve profound relaxation
  • How to breathe with the 3 stages of birth
  • How to create the experience you want to have
  • The spiritual sacred promise for birth free of fear
  • Includes audio m p3 for home and hospital use

A cost effective option ideal for those who would like a solid  level of preparation whilst they consider birthing choices, return mums, those who require an affordable and shorter class option and as a hypnobirthing refresher

Tailored one to one private classes – please enquire 

Plus – one to one support to help release deeply held fears, previous birth trauma and inherited belief – also available on request. Please enquire.

Support from Simon (osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, acupuncture, herbal medicine) throughout your maternity journey – options to avoid induction and posterior presentation, preparing your body for birth, support for pelvic and postural discomfort, herbal relief  for pregnancy sickness and post-natal support for mum and baby to aid recovery and assist breastfeeding. Simon works at selected clinics in London, at your home and at Bishopstone

                                              Call Simon on 07778 776999 ;  Email: karen@breathetoabetterbirth.com


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