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Your joy, your wisdom and your delivery was brilliant

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“Calm, gentle, spirited and knowledgable are just a few of the words that come to mind to describe Karen. There are no fast passes handed out to midwives when having a baby so Karen’s course was top of my list to help me prepare to relax, let go and use my breath to its maximum capacity. I practiced the techniques to Karen’s own audio and, on the day,with a few other tools in my tool kit (TENS, pool, gas and air), I had the most beautiful birth at home. Again with number 2and 3 I topped up with breathe to a better birth in order to re-focus as a busy mum and midwife and it paid off no end. Her techniques can be used in any type of birth with massive benefit for women and their partners. Thank you Karen for really opening my eyes to the world of hypnobirthing, for joining my joinery and helping me to birth my 3 children in a calm and peaceful way” Vicky Cochrane

Consultant Midwife, A Birthlight Midwife of the year and Mum to 3 spirited children

Hypnobirthing is here to offer you:

A path to a safe, calm, joyous and even pain-free birth for your baby. 

Through a tried and tested programme of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, proper breathing and decisive education about pregnancy and birth, you will be guided to discover your natural instincts and birth your baby with trust, safety and ease.

Karen Mander

My Story

Read my story to discover how I conceived against all odds and gave birth to my beautiful son at home at 43 weeks, peacefully and calmly. Learn how your birthing can also be returned to a safe, trusting, beautiful and even sacred experience

Whether this is your first or subsequent birth and whether you are birthing at home, a hospital

“My passion is to return the trust to birth and to help parents feel empowered throughout their pregnancy, birth and beyond. I believe that conception and birth is life affirming, joyful, miraculous and sacred. We can all learn to replace fear and anxiety with positive expectation and hope once more” Karen Mander

Why Karen?
  • Highly experienced (Maria Mongan trained/certified 2005)
  • Founder of breathe to a better birth www.breathetoabetterbirth.com
  • Co-founder Bishopstone ante-natal retreats with husband, Simon Prideaux www.cranialosteopath.com  
  • Midwife recommended
  • Fedant approved  
  • Consultant – Lulubaby (www.lulubaby.co.uk) & My healthcare  
  • Professional communicator (ex Ceo Kazoo communications)  
  • Excellent, verifiable testimonials
  • Flexible teaching options and venues  
  • Venues London-wide inc. Queens Park, Moorgate, Chelsea as well as Bucks/South Oxon
  • Holistic support through network of practitioners/therapists  
  • Small personal groups
  • Supports home or hospital births with NHS St Mary’s Paddington, Queen Charlottes Hammersmith, Chelsea and Westminster South Kensington, Royal Free Hampstead, Stoke Mandeville, Watford, John Radcliffe Oxford, Portland hospital    
“It’s quite rare to find someone who is intuitive, passionate and dedicated to bringing about new ways of birthing. Karen teaches with cutting edge spirituality, professionalism, immense knowledge and is very inspirational. Her work is powerful, transformational and uplifting ; a breath of air in this day and age where birthing is full of fear. As a birth doula I teach Breathe to a Better Birth to my clients and I truly believe that this is the foundation to giving birth with joy. Not only is Karen a beautiful soul to work with but an amazing teacher and friend. She pours her love and energy into everyone she meets. I feel blessed to have her in my life and I thank you Karen for shining your light so that others can see their light too” Pamela Rogers

Earth Mother Doula

“Without a doubt we would not have had the natural birth of our choise without Hypnobirthing (R) and Karen. This was so different to my first traumatic birth. There was no fear or unmanageable pain, just hope and joy.”

Liz and Roy,


“Jacob Harrison Richard Brooks was born on November 23rd 2016, after the most beautiful and wonderful birth we could have ever hoped for. We really have you to thank for it. Your weekend course was the first step towards the wonderful experience we were to have a few months later.”


Andy & Jacob

“Hi Karen, another great birth which I totally put down to Hypnobirthing. Breathing is so powerful! No pain relief and I got my water birth again. Five hours from first twinge to delivery and boy is she chilled.”


 and Chris Whitworth


Taking the Birthing World by Calm


How we help parents?

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