Hypnobirthing classes



Hypnobirthing® is here to offer you a path to a safe, calm, joyous and even pain-free birth for your baby.

Through a tried and tested programme of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, proper breathing and decisive education about pregnancy and birth, you will be guided to discover your natural instincts and birth your baby in safety and ease

Read my story to discover how I conceived against all odds and gave birth to our son at home, safely and calmly. Learn how your birthing will be returned to the safe and beautiful experience that nature intended.

Whether this is your first or subsequent birth and whether you are birthing at home, a hospital
or birth centre, Hypnobirthing® gives you all the tools you need to prepare for the birth of your choice.

“My passion is to help parents feel empowered, joyful and trusting of their journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond” Karen Mander

I am a Fedant-approved, certified Hypnobirthing® practitioner and the founder of Breathe to a Better Birth www.breathetoabetterbirth.com. I am midwife-recommended and have been in practice since 2004.

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